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Price:  $1.50
Item Number:  120-439DVD


Apostolate of Hope DVD

What is the cause of all unhappiness?  Does the way I live my life effect others?  Is there any reason to have hope?  Why is Fatima so significant?  Find the answers to these and many more of your life questions in this presentation.  You will be inspired and will find meaning and purpose for your life. 

DVD Contents:

  • "Message of Hope" by Michael O'Rourke (68 min.)
  • "Living the Message of Hope" by Michael O'Rourke (60 min.)
  • Apostolate of Hope (18 min.)
  • Family Catechesis (22 min.)
  • Go into all the World (7 min.)
  • Power of Consecration (27 min.)
  • News Channel 5: Report on Familyland (4 min.)
  • Called to Consecration (5 min.)
  • Who is Michael O'Rourke? (16 min.)