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Price:  $12.95
Item Number:  155-201CK


40-Day Preparation for Total Consecration with Fr. Hugh Gillespie on CD

Join Fr. Hugh Gillespie of the Montfort Missionaries as he explains the significance and various aspects of Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. In this seven-part program, Fr. Gillespie carefully articulates the meaning of True Devotion to Mary and how it applies to our lives. He guides those interested in making their Total Consecration to a deeper understanding of themselves, Our Lady, and of Christ, Who is of course our last end and the ultimate focus of our consecration. A former physicist, Fr. Gillespie has been with the Montfort Missionaries since 1993. In their ministry, he has served the African-American community in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as working in their mission parish in central Nicaragua and their bilingual ministry in Queens, New York. He is a very knowledgeable and gifted presenter. 3-CD set, 3 hours.