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True Devotion to Mary, adapted by Eddie Doherty

When a book continues to be a "best seller" two hundred and eight years after the author's death, we may safely say that it is a classic in its own field. Such is Saint Louis de Montfort's "True Devotion to Mary." Translated into more than thirty languages, with editions running into the several hundreds, this little book "of high authority and unction," as Pope Benedict XV described it, has found its way into the hearts and lives of countless Christians since its providential discovery in 1842. Written in French (probably about the year 1712), the book was first translated into English in 1862, by the scholarly poet and spiritual writer, Father Frederick William Faber. In his preface to the first edition, Father Faber tells: "I have translated the whole treatise myself, and have taken great pains with it, and have been scrupulously faithful." Over a century has now elapsed since that first English version. In recent years there has been a growing demand on the part of many followers of St. Louis de Montfort, that a broader translation be made--one that would take into account our contemporary modes of expression. Hence this first adaptation by 20th century journalist, Eddie Doherty. May it contribute to a better understanding of Vatican II's beautiful exposition of Mary as Mother of the Church and Mother of us all.