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Price:  $10.00
Item Number:  507-23-1


Miracles Through Our Lady, Paperback

TRUE STORIES OF EVERYDAY PEOPLE THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. The inspiring true stories found in Miracles Through Our Lady will deepen your commitment to God. Desperate people overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles through prayer and the intercession of Mary, the Mother of God. In these pages, you will meet: A young mother who was told by doctors to abort her unborn child, or die. A couple unable to have children. A man with a bullet lodged in his brain. A group of sightseers in danger of being swept off a mountainside. A husband diagnosed with a terminal illness. A young mother being shot at as she flees across the border with her child. And many more stories of people who turned to Mary in their time of need and through her intercession found God's favor. These powerful stories truly celebrate God's love for His people. They will fill your heart with hope and give you the faith to persevere in difficult situations.