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Family Catechism for Kids with Sr. John Vianney, CDs

Sr. John Vianney was born Alice Gorecki in 1920. Despite having been born with a crippled leg, Alice had a warm, generous heart to everyone around her, and offered her talents for singing, painting and teaching wherever they could be of service to others. Alice joined the Sisters of Notre Dame, taking the name Sr. John Vianney. She taught in the classroom for many years before being bedridden with a rare illness at age 50. For the last 20 years of her life, Sr. John continued her teaching ministry, welcoming many visitors to her bedside. Jerry Coniker and his family interviewed Sr. John Vianney on topics such as the Sacraments, the Real Presence, Divine Grace, the Four Last Things, types of prayer and other aspects of our Faith as presented in The Apostolate's Family Catechism, preserving for many generations to come her down-to-earth but extraordinary gift for teaching. 14-CD set, 18 hours.