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Evangelization Resources

Evangelization Resources

Download our Resource Guide Here.

What do people say about our Evangelization Programs?

Be Not Afraid Family Hours®
The whole nine days of the Be Not Afraid Family Hour program were very spiritually filled with the great love of Pope John Paul II has for Jesus and Mary.  Each night left me in a total awe as I learned more of what a true Vicar of Christ our Holy Father is, and also how dedicated he is to Our Blessed Mother.  -D.Komara, St. Paul's Parish, OH

Catechetical Resources

We began using the Apostolate's Family Catechism immediately, supplementing it with the Catechism of the Catholic Church (to which the Family Catechism is cross-referenced), and the audio commentaries of Cardinal Arinze.  For us, the AFC was a prayer answered.  Words alone cannot express adequately the role the AFC has had in the life of our family.  -M.Ford, IN 
Devotional Programs
The Day of Grace program flowed so smoothly.  You could just feel God's presence and grace.  Thanks to the AFC for making all of this possible so we can follow Pope John Paul II's request for the new evangelization.  -Matt and Maureen Skurski, WI

In our search for what is right, we need a way to grow in knowledge of God, and the Peace of Heart Forums are a beautiful gift of knowledge. -K. Kniep, MN

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