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The Lay Evangelization Teams, using the multimedia resources of the Apostolate for Family Consecration, can ignite the sleeping giant of the laity by encouraging and motivating them to work with Bishops, pastors and other laymen to renew family and parish life. As families are drawn toward our Eucharistic Lord, negative peer group influences will be reversed.

 In the following presentation, the Apostolate for Family Consecration will share its unique and fail-safe system on: 

  • How to simultaneously renew the family and the parish.
  • How various movements, parish committees and Family Apostolate members can use effective evangelization multimedia resources.
  • How families can form teams or support communities or parish-based Family Apostolate Teams within their parishes and neighborhoods to reverse the peer group influence to move towards morality (Catholic Culture).

“It is not possible to live and grow in the faith without the support of a group, of a Christian community. It is here that you will learn together to build a better world. “These groups must not close in upon themselves.”
- Pope John Paul II, L’Osservatore Romano,
July 1, 1985

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