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True Penance

True Penance


Excerpt from Sr. Lucia’s letter of May 4, 1943.

Reverend Father Superior,
Thank goodness, I finally received a letter from you. My God, it took so long!…I can’t even think that you are so far away; but I think a lot about it so that my sacrifice may be more complete for the conversion of those souls. May the good Lord accept it. As for me, I am doing well. The Bishop of Gurza tries to help me, and I always thank his good counsel and prayers. He also shows me what I must make known, and that is always the most difficult thing for me to do, but obedience gives strength and I keep going. I had to make known to the Archbishop of Valladolid, by order of His Excellency, a little request of our Lord to the Bishops of Spain and another to the Bishops of Portugal. God make all of them hear His voice. He wishes that the Bishops of Spain unite themselves in a retreat and determine a reform in the people, clergy and religious orders, some convents and many members of others!…do you understand? He wishes that it be made clear to the souls that the true penance He now wants and requires consists of first of all the sacrifice that each one must make to fulfill his own religious and worldly duties. He promises the end of the war shortly in answer to the act of consecration made by His Holiness. But since it was incomplete, the conversion of Russia will take place later. If the Bishops of Spain do not attend to His wishes, it will be once more the scourge with which God punishes them…

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