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Holy Family Fest >> Fest Activities >> Morning Programs >> Programs for Adults

Holy Family Fest

We have set aside time each morning for parents to come together and experience the various programs that the Apostolate for Family Consecration has to offer families in forming and catechizing them in the Truth. 

Each morning has a different theme and each morning will give you, the parents an opportunity to be together and grow in faith.  Here is an example of what each morning will be fellowship and:

    - Experience an actual "Peace of Heart Forum", a great opportunity to be formed in the Truths of our Faith by watching a program based on a subject of our Faith, breaking into groups and discussing the insights from the video and companion book.

    - Experience what FL TV has to offer, by watching the various programs from spiritual enrichment, to family entertainment, and more!

    - Experience a Catechetical Teaching session, using our School Curriculum.  Through this you will learn hands on how the lessons are given and broken up by age group. You will see how this program is designed for schools, parishes and homes.

- Learn more about the spirituality of the Apostolate for Family Consecration - which is that of Pope John Paul II.  Learn more about the charism of the Apostolate for Family Consecration, why the Apostolate was founded, who founded it and much more!  An opportunity to learn more of what it means to live in the grace of the present moment.

- To conclude the week, there will be a summary of each day and a chance for questions and answers with Jerry Coniker.  Learn how you and your family can take home what you’ve learned at Catholic Familyland and how you can truly become the evangelist that our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II is calling ALL families to be.

To view the sample Holy Family Fest Agenda you must have Acrobat Reader.  Please note that this is a sample agenda and the times are subject to change. 

Catholic Familyland
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