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Holy Family Fest >> Fest Activities >> Morning Programs >> Programs for Youth

Holy Family Fest
The mornings and evenings for the Destiny Generation ages 13 & up 

The youth of today are our Destiny Generation, and through the example of Pope John Paul II, we place great love, trust and hope in our youth.   It is because of our strong conviction that so much depends on them, we offer a program for the youth in the mornings and evenings of the Holy Family Fests. 

In the mornings, while the parents and children are participating in their program, we offer a program for the Youth that allows them to experience and learn more and more of God’s love for them through learning and fellowship. 

We also offer a program in the evenings exclusively for the Destiny Generation.  The gatherings are  more laid back and interactive.  We know how the youth “wake up" at night, so we join with them through various exciting and “exclusive” activities, game shows, skits, and much more! 

An example of what some of the mornings are like:

  • A time to get to know one another through games and fellowship

  •  Be part of a live audience during the filming of a Maria, Al, & Dom’s Show (MARAD’s) that features a special guest and will be aired on FL TV

  • A morning of sharing and testimony – a wrap-up to the week they all shared together

An example of what some of the evenings are like:

  • A chance to learn more about scripture through the various skits that will be put on by the staff and individual groups.

  • Experience a “fun” Catholic game show – live!

  • Free night, a chance for the youth to swim, play games, and hang out around bonfire – all further enhancing the life-long friendships that have been established throughout the week.

 Experience our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, a very powerful evening for the youth, were they come together before our Lord in the Eucharist and experience His healing power and love – an experience that they will never forget, and one that will bring them ever more deeply into their faith and the zeal to truly live it day by day.


To view the sample Holy Family Fest Agenda you must have Acrobat Reader.  Please note that this is a sample agenda and the times are subject to change. 

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