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Divine Mercy Day of Grace

What did Jesus tell St. Faustina?

Our Lord revealed to St. Maria Faustina Kowalska in the 1930s that He specifically desired a day of mercy celebrated throughout the Church so that thousands, even millions, many of whom may be indifferent to the Gospel, could celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday.

Yet, in the beginning of the Third Millennium, the vast majority of Catholics remain unaware of the message of Divine Mercy, and those who are aware are unsure of how to bring the message to others on the scale Our Lord intends. You can help fulfill Our Lord’s desire. 

Divine Mercy Home Program is a 40-day preparation program that will deepen your understanding of the Divine Mercy devotion and help you meaningfully celebrate the Feast of Mercy, Divine Mercy Sunday. Includes the Drawing Down Divine Mercy prayer and meditation book, the accompanying DVD commentaries of Fr. Kosicki, the Celebrating Divine Mercy DVD, the Examination of Conscience DVD, Chaplet of Divine Mercy DVD/CD and the inspiring story of Rwanda Holocaust survivor Immaculée Ilibagiza, on DVD, along with 3 more Peace of Heart Forums for continuing formation.

Divine Mercy Sunday Parish Mission Program is a complete multimedia parish presentation on Divine Mercy. The program includes 30 copies of the Drawing Down Divine Mercy prayer and meditation book to help your parish prepare for the Feast of Mercy. It also includes the accompanying video commentaries on Drawing Down Divine Mercy and the video programs you would need for Divine Mercy Sunday, plus various TV and radio ads and presentations, including the moving story of Rwanda Holocaust survivor Immaculée Ilibagiza (DVD), to help you promote your Divine Mercy program in the parish.

Additional materials concerning Divine Mercy

Free Divine Mercy Resources

To receive more information on conducting the Divine Mercy Sunday Parish Mission program in your parish, email:


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