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Evangelization Resources

Catechism for Kids on Tape: with Sr. John Vianney

Sister John Vianney has a tremendous gift for teaching children the Faith.  In this 28-audio or video collection, Sr. John Vianney “holds captive” any young audience with her simple, yet profound way of explaining the Faith.  One of her most popular stories is the story of the soap-angel, about purity.  Makes family catechesis easy.  For the family and for use in CCD, religious education and home school settings.  Adults love her too!

  •   Answers and explains the 304 questions in The Apostolate’s Family Catechism

  • Language that children can understand

  • Simple heart-warming stories

  • Captures the imagination of children and adults alike

  • Used in conjunction with the Family Catechism book and supplements (Teacher’s Guides, Student Workbooks) for a complete catechetical program

Topics include:
  • Obedience            

  • Prayer

  • Creation

  • Mary

  • Sin & Hell

  • Purity

  • Mass

  • Heaven

  • Ten Commandments

  • Virtues and Gifts

  • The Creed

  • Charity

  • Sacraments


The complete series contains 28 tapes. Available on audio or videotape.
Complete Audio Set $99.95 #115-180AK
Complete Video Set $439.95 #115-180VK
Each volume contains 7 audio or videotapes. 
Volume 1 audio $35.95 #115-181AK
Volume 2 audio $35.95
Volume 3 audio $35.95
Volume 4 audio $35.95
Volume 1 video $135.95 #115-181VK
Volume 2
video $135.95 #115-182VK
Volume 3
video $135.95 #115-183VK
Volume 4
video $135.95 #115-184VK

The Apostolate's Family Catechism
$28.95 click to purchase

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