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The Apostolate for Family Consecration
Families helping families get to Heaven

November 2008

Dear Friends in the Holy Family,

Thank you for your prayers and support. With all the upheaval now in the stock market, your donation is a real sacrifice that the Holy Family will not overlook. They will protect you and your loved ones through these perilous times because you have trusted. 

The elections and the economy are cliff hangers. Do all you can do to get people to vote! What else can we do when we see such ignorance and confusion in so many people of today? Our Lady at Fatima gave us the answer 91 years ago, but we did not listen, and the most bloody century in the history of mankind followed. The next century could prove to be even worse, but if we consecrate enough people in the Truth, particularly this internet generation, Our Lady will perform a miracle and bring about that Era of Peace.

Now through the internet, we can do something: communicate the Truth like never before in a way that has not been available to the world before now. This new concept was presented to the Synod of Bishops in Rome and also to the Chinese seminarians who came to our presentation in Rome. We will be presenting this system to the bishops in the USA, and at the Sixth World Meeting of Families taking place in Mexico next January. 

In a little over a month from now, you will be able to turn on your computer and open up The Apostolate’s Family Catechism online to any of the 304 questions and watch Cardinal Arinze’s answers. You can also call up any of the cross references for each question on Vatican II, Sacred Scripture, or any of the papal documents and read the documents and/or watch Cardinal Arinze’s commentaries on that particular section of that specific document. There will be thousands of cross references you can download quickly.

This will open up unbelievable sources of reliable information by Cardinal Arinze which has never been tapped into before. Even the poor can have access to Cardinal Arinze’s teachings through internet cafés throughout the Third World. Just at the time when our society is falling apart because of the ignorance of our faith, we are coming out with an Interactive Catechism Program that will make the Truth so attractive and understandable, that the internet generation will be converted. 

We are finally in their world with technology that is creative, interesting, fast and free. Cardinal Arinze, who teaches with authority and has the ability to communicate with the average person, can convert this internet generation with the dual dimension of Consecration: (1) Consecration in Truth and (2) Total Consecration to the Holy Family – Totus Tuus (St. Louis de Montfort).

This Interactive Catechism Program is fast, accurate and flexible. Once enough people live this consecration, it will bring about the reparation to call down Mary’s intercession and bring about the era of Peace that was promised at Fatima 91 years ago. Please continue to walk with us as we roll out this vast internet platform. 

Our Consecration in Truth video library will be worked into our Family Catechism format. First, we will begin with the 1900 programs with Cardinal Arinze, and then the entire 15,000 programs. Our Family Catechism provides a unique springboard into the ocean of Truth of the Catholic Church, and guides you through the deep waters of our wonderful faith. He is already rated among the top 10 religious podcasts.

This is all so providential! During the past 22 years when we have been videotaping Cardinal Arinze, we had no idea what technology would enable us to do with these priceless programs. Because of our formation programs in homes, we always wanted to tie in the printed document with the video we were producing. So we mentioned the section numbers of the particular document of Vatican II, papal encyclical and apostolic letter being discussed on video. Since we were so faithful to mention the numbers, we are now able to sync them with the internet; otherwise, it would have been impossible to include the cross references of Cardinal Arinze’s commentaries on sections of the documents being discussed on video.

Our Consecration in Truth Evangelization Program consists of three broad categories of powerful tools: 

  • Family Catechesis – a three year program using the Family Catechism and discussion guides.
  • Be Not Afraid Family Hours – over 90 hours of formation and different dramatized Rosaries on video 
  • Peace of Heart Forums – hundreds of videotapes around books 

Consecration in Truth Formation

  • Parish catechetical series for elementary and high school
  • Interactive Internet Platform with Cardinal Arinze – coming soon

Our Totus Tuus Spiritual Renewal Consecration Program includes videos and books on:

  • Parish mission program with 40 days of preparation available in printed, video and podcast format.
  • Divine Mercy parish mission – complete 2 to 5 hour Day of Grace program on video 
  • 24 Divine Mercy Evangelization video programs
  • First Saturday programs – over 40 videos with the Rosary
  • 24/7 Familyland TV – video on demand internet TV

This entire campaign, with all of its vast tools, is ready to be used for battle with this culture of death. We can only bring about the Civilization of Love & Life through the dual dimension of consecration: Totus Tuus (giving everything to Jesus, through Mary in union with St. Joseph) and Consecration in Truth (John 17). 

The virtue for the month of November is obedience and the Scripture passage can be found in 1 Peter 13-16. “Free your minds of encumbrances; control them. Put your trust in nothing but the grace that will be given to you when Jesus Christ is revealed. Do not behave in a way that you liked to before you learned the truth; make a habit of obedience. Be holy in all you do, since it is the holy one that has called you and Scripture says, be holy for I am holy.” 

It is through grace that we will be able to overcome the culture of death by communicating the truth that will help us to be free. The more grace in the world, the more mercy. The picture on the lower left shows the vision of Sister Lucia in 1929 when she saw the Holy Trinity at Mass. You see the words falling from the hand of Jesus: “Graces and Mercy”. The more grace in the world, the more mercy – it’s as simple as that!

Oct. 13, 1917 
Holy Family of Fatima 
approved by Sr. Lucia

I think you can see that we have the tools to reach the world with the truth, and now through the internet, there is no limit. This is the Marian multiplier par excellence and we need your help to get the news out and to keep doing what we are already doing. 

Our Spanish Family Catechism is presently at the printers and will be available next month. And our bilingual Rosary book with 200 illustrations will be going to press shortly. All these tools are coming online just at the very time when it seems the evil one is going to take us down. If we act, Mary will snatch us from the claws of satan. We pray that America can play a decisive role in helping Our Lady in this battle, and because of this, be spared of many other greater trials that are on the horizon. Please walk with us when we still have the freedom to do so much good.

Please make your commitment now to do all you can to help. With God there is no time. Although He sees what we are going to do in the future, for Him, everything is in the present. He will protect your family. I ask you to make every sacrifice for our work. God bless you – All for!

To Jesus, through Mary, 
in union with St. Joseph,

Jerry Coniker
President/Co-Founder with wife Gwen



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