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Family Catechism: Fr. Lawrence Lovasik

A Lifetime Catechism

The Apostolate‚Äôs Family Catechism is the main text book for the Consecration in Truth program and has been found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church by the Ad Hoc Committee to Oversee the Use of the Catechism, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. 

It is readable and accessible to both the young and the old. It contains many theological pictures and catechetical diagrams and includes sections or references from Sacred Scripture, Vatican II documents, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Splendor of Truth, plus cross-references with the Gospel of Life and other papal documents and spiritual books, which make it possible to constantly delve deeper into the Faith. Inspiring prayers are woven into each chapter. 

The Family Catechism will teach all ages and can be passed on from generation to generation. Students can use the same book from grade school to high school because the Teaching Guides, Student Workbooks, and corresponding video and audio resources draw each grade level more deeply into the subject matter as the catechism is taught and reviewed each year.

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