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Family Catechism: Fr. Lawrence Lovasik


Each Teaching Guide consists of thirty-two lesson plans for a particular level. The lesson plans systematically guide students through The Apostolate‚Äôs Family Catechism each year, thereby helping the students develop a deeper understanding of the whole Faith. Normally the level number corresponds to the grade level, but adaptations may be made. 

The lesson plans are organized in an easy-to-follow format and include the following sections: teacher preparation, materials, video assembly, prayer, quiz, motivation, discussion, workbook assignment, and supplemental activities such as an examination of conscience.

In a typical lesson, a catechetical video is viewed at the beginning of the session. Each Teaching Guide includes the video viewing schedule and a list of question numbers (DVD) or time codes by question number (VHS) so that the appropriate segment of the video can easily be cued up. After a short discussion of the video segment the teacher can proceed to the motivation and discussion sections of the lesson. 

For Levels 1-8, the teachers also quiz the students on questions and answers memorized from the By Heart Catechism and Scripture Review book.

The Teaching Guides also include ideas for additional activities, examinations, and answer keys to the corresponding student workbook and supplemental activities.

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