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Consecration to the Holy Family
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Consecration to the Holy Family >> 2. Enthronement of the Holy Family

Step 2
of the Holy Family & Scripture

1) Prepare

2) Watch & Pray as a family!

In advance of the Enthronement ceremony, start to pray the daily rosary with your family. Begin with one decade & increase to full Rosary over time. 

Preparation Resources
(Highly Recommended!)


Holy Family Enthronement

Brown Scapular

Miraculous Medal

3) Ceremony

4) Encourage our priests, bishops and others!  How?

By Registering your enthronement of the Holy Family & scripture, you edify the whole church. Why? Because they know that faithful families are crucial!

“We need holy families, lest the church and the world would perish” Bishop Nickless

“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.” JPII

Learn the Additional Benefits of having joined with others to honor the Holy Family!

5) First Saturday Devotion

  • Read about First Saturday Devotion

  • View online First Saturday programs to help you fulfill the obligations of the devotion

  • Purchase your own set of First Saturday Videos

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