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A Legacy of Hope

John Paul II We Love you!
May 18, 1920 - April 2, 2005

The Apostolate for Family Consecration would like to share with you our many years of friendship with our beloved Pope John Paul II. It has been our commitment since 1986 to spread the spirituality and teachings of Pope John Paul II using the media as he as exhorted us and all people to do.

The following are excerpts from video The Spirit of John Paul II: Stories of His Interior Life: 

"I give thanks to God everyday of my life that I witnessed not only on one occasion but on many occasions, the strength of this man and his Eucharistic devotion." - Bishop John Magee (former private secretary of Pope John Paul II) 

"I called the Carmelite Sisters and the Contemplatives of the Pink Sisters and said will you please pray for the Holy Father"- Jamie Cardinal Sin

The Spirit of John Paul II: Stories of His Interior Life, Click Here to Order the DVD.

Pope John Paul II won the world over with his charisma, conviction, and compassion. He brought Christ and the papacy to the people particularly the young. His deep spirituality and sincere regard for the dignity of every human person is clearly manifested in the many encyclicals, letters and papal documents he has left us.  Understand better the mind and heart of John Paul II through these various exclusive resources.  These include various commentaries with Francis Cardinal Arinze, who was a trusted friend of John Paul II.

  Special Videos featuring Pope John Paul II

  • Click here to view John Paul II welcoming the Apostolate for Family Consecration
  • Click here to watch the Jubilee of Families Celebration with Pope John Paul II & the Coniker Family.
  • Click here to watch a music video of John Paul II We Love You! 
  • Click Here to view the encounters that our Founders Jerry & Gwen Coniker have had with Pope John Paul II throughout the years.
  • Click here to listen to the song "Now You Come to Me"
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