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Popular Pages >> Tribute to John Paul II >> Sharing the Legacy of Pope John Paul II

Spirit of John Paul II: Stories of His Interior Life DVD

This timeless treasure will give you a penetrating gaze into the life of this saintly Pope. You'll hear exclusive interviews with those most closely associated with him throughout his pontificate--from the intimacy of his apartments to the conclave that elected him. Also includes captivating insights of Pope John Paul II on youth, family, freedom and human life. 1.5 hours.

Pontificate of John Paul II: Pope of the Youth DVD

In this special presentation, you will discover one of the most personal aspects of Pope John Paul II's Pontificate - his relationship with young people. He considers this relationship a central point of his ministry, a call placed upon his priesthood from the beginning. They, in turn, enthusiastically responded to the voice of their shepherd making the World Youth Days a fascinating witness of the potential for good inherent in the young. This program includes a pictorial family rosary, catechetical lesson with Francis Cardinal Arinze and a special musical tribute to the great Pope John Paul II. 1 hour.

Pontificate of John Paul II: In the Footsteps of Peter DVD

Cardinal Karol Wojtyla became the first non-Italian pope after 455 years taking the name John Paul II. He won the admiration and love of the world by bringing the papacy to the people and embracing the world with the love of Christ. Discover the providential circumstances of his election and his intimate thoughts about his vocation as priest, father and shepherd of Christ’s Church.  This program includes a pictorial family rosary, catechetical lesson with Cardinal Arinze and a special musical tribute to Pope John Paul II. 1 hour. 

Musical Tribute to John Paul II DVD

This collection of inspiring spiritual music is brought to life with captivating footage of John Paul II’s various pastoral visits. You’ll hear from your favorite Catholic artists, such as Marty Rotella, Angie Suarez, Eric Genuis, Interior Castle, Bob Rowe, Erin Berghouse and Kitty Cleveland. There’s even a special segment with Pope John Paul II himself singing the Pater Noster (Our Father). This unique musical Tribute will definitely move your heart.

Journeys: John Paul II & Benedict XVI  DVD

This timeless collection brings together the journeys of two prominent figures in the Catholic Church: the final journey of John Paul II with the solemn funeral Mass offered on his behalf; and the beginning of Benedict XVI’s journey with his election and inauguration. 

Commentaries on John Paul II's Writings DVD and CD

Choose from a wide variety of commentaries on John Paul II's writings. Availabe on CD and DVD.

Divine Mercy Resources

Choose from a wide variety of Divine Mercy resources created to help you celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy, the first Sunday after Easter, a Feast made official by John Paul II.  .

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