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Consecration to the Holy Family >> 1. Message of Hope and Dedication to the Holy Family >> Message of Hope

Step 1
Message of Hope

1) Pray intently the following prayer.

Most Holy Family, unite my daily life with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Accept all of my spiritual and material possessions as my seed of sacrifice offered to the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, in union with St. Joseph. This shall be my commitment in life, in death, and in eternity.  Amen.

2) Watch Message of Hope with your spouse, family and/or close friends (appr. 1 hr) order FREE DVD

What is the root cause of all unhappiness in the world?
What is the solution?
What’s your role in the solution?

Discover these answers and the foundational principles that make life worth living!  

3) Watch Living the Message of Hope with your spouse, family and/or close friends (appr. 1 hour) order FREE DVD

4 simple steps to implement the powerful principles of the Message of Hope!

4) Register your family's dedication to the Holy Family!

5) Discover wholesome choices for your family's entertainment.

Familyland.TV Free Online Family TV Network thru Video on Demand

Family Fests, Conferences & Retreats  Vacations without leaving God Behind!

6) Call your pastor about putting this button on your parish website.

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