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The Philippines Mission


How does the "Katesismong Pampamilya" (KP) book
benefit the Filipino families?

From a Grandmother (Sta. Teresita Parish, Manila)

I thought that I already know my Faith, but in reality, I don't know it all. It is not boring - the doctrine that the Catechism book is presenting - because there are lots of pictures in the book. And to tell you one story, one time when I went home, I started to show the pictures in the book to my grandchild. One picture that struck him is the picture on p. 45 of the "Katesismong Pampamilya" Vol. 1 book, which is about the devil. I explained to him that if he did something wrong, the devil will be happy. So, my grandchild is very aware now that whatever he does, he makes sure that it's something good so that the devil will not be happy.

From a family (San Sebastian Parish, Manila)

We are very thankful that the truths of our Catholic Faith were presented to us in the "Katesismong Pampamilya" book. We learned a lot from the book and even shared these with others, especially with the members of our families.

From a Youth: (Sta. Teresita Parish, Manila)

The KP book helped us since it became the way for us to know God fully. Some of us Catholics don't like to read the Bible but when we read the "Katesismong Pampamilya" book, we began to understand fully the Bible and our faith in God became deeper and stronger.

You too, will surely learn about the Truths
of our Catholic Faith when you read
the "Katesismong Pampamilya" book!

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