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The Apostolate's Family Catechism   
Commentaries with Francis Cardinal Arinze

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Questions 1 to 30

Questions 31 to 60

Questions 61 to 90

Questions 91 to 120

Questions 121 to 150

Questions 151 to 180

Questions 181 to 210

Questions 211 to 240

Questions 241 to 270

Questions 271 to 304


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Section 1: God, the Holy Trinity, Creation, and the Fall

Part 1:          God and His Perfections

Chapter 1:    God Is the Supreme Being

Q. 1.                            Who is God? (01:08)

Q. 2.                            Who made God? (02:06)

Q. 3.                            Can there be more than one God? (02:37)

Q. 4.                            Why must there be a God? (03:20)

Q. 5.                            Why is God an infinitely perfect being? (03:51)

Chapter 2:    God’s Perfections

Q. 6.                            What are God’s perfections? (00:30)

Q. 7.                            Is God infinitely good? (01:54)

Q. 8.                            Is God eternal?  (03:22)

Q. 9.                            Why is God all-knowing? (04:06)

Q. 10.                         Is God present everywhere? (05:15)

Q. 11.                         Is God almighty? (01:05)

Chapter 3:    More of God’s Perfections

Q. 12.                         Is God all-wise?  (00:41)

Q. 13.                         Why is God all-holy? (06:15)

Q. 14.                         Why is God all-merciful? (01:49)

Q. 15.                         Why is God all-just?  (04:05)

Chapter 4:    Worship of God

Q. 16.                         In what ways has God shown His love for us? (03:12)

Q. 17.                         How should we respond to God’s goodness? (01:11)

Q. 18.                         In what ways do we worship God? (05:45)

Q. 19.                         What should we hope to receive from the goodness of God? (04:05)

Q. 20.                         Why is it that so few people pay attention to God?  (03:44)

Q. 21.                         Does every man have some desire for God? (01:00)

Part 2:          The Revelation of God: The Holy Trinity

Chapter 5:    God Reveals Himself  

Q. 22.                         What is the history of salvation?  (02:10)

Q. 23.                         How did God deal with mankind? (02:40)

Q. 24.                         How did God choose to show Himself to the people of the Old Testament? (03:01)

Chapter 6:    The Mystery of the Holy Trinity

Q. 25.                         What is the mystery of the Holy Trinity? (01:49)

Q. 26.                         Why do we believe in the mystery of the Holy Trinity? (01:19)

Q. 27.                         How is the mystery of the Holy Trinity revealed in the New Testament? (02:21)

Q. 28.                         What did Jesus reveal about Himself? (04:11)

Q. 29.                         How was God the Father revealed by Jesus? (04:42)

Q. 30.                         How did Jesus reveal the Holy Spirit? (02:51)

Chapter 7:    The Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Q. 31.                         What did Jesus teach His disciples about God the Father, God the Son,

                                    and God the Holy Spirit? (03:31)

Q. 32.                         Who is God the Father?  (01:15)

Q. 33.                         Who is God the Son? (02:49)

Q. 34.                         Who is God the Holy Spirit?  (02:35)

Q. 35.                         In what ways can we honor the Holy Trinity?  (03:08)

Part 3:          Creation: Material and Spiritual

Chapter 8:    Creation  

Q. 36.                         What is creation?  (05:26)

Q. 37.                         Can we know God through created things?  (06:01)  

Chapter 9:    Angelic Creation and the Fall of the Bad Angels

Q. 38.                         When did the mystery of salvation begin?  (00:42)

Q. 39.                         Who are the angels?  (05:13)

Q. 40.                         Who are the devils?  (04:41)

Q. 41.                         Where are the angels who remained faithful to God?  (04:09)  

Part 4:          The Creation of Man

Chapter 10: The Creation of Man

Q. 42.                         How was man created? (01:45)

Q. 43.                         In what way was man created in the image and likeness of God? (02:22)

Q. 44.                         Is the soul directly created by God?  (04:49)

Chapter 11: Our First Parents: Adam and Eve

Q. 45.                         What special gifts did God give to Adam and Eve?  (00:44)

Q. 46.                         What commandment did God give Adam and Eve? (03:49)

Q. 47.                         What was God’s first gift leading us to Christ?  (03:27)  

Chapter 12: God’s Presence in Created History

Q. 48.                         What did God’s action in the Old Testament reveal and prove to us? (02:03)
Q. 49.                         In what event is God’s all-powerful action for our salvation especially seen?  (02:21)
Q. 50.                         How should we regard creation?  (00:59)
Q. 51.                         How was God especially present in the history of man? (02:53)
Q. 52.                         How is God present to us in our own day? (03:37

Part 5:      Part 5:  The Sins of Man: Original Sin & Personal Sin  

Chapter 13: The Fall of Man and Original Sin  

Q. 53.                         What was the original sin? (01:33)

Q. 54.                         Why are all men conceived and born in original sin? (01:00)

Q. 55.                         What happens in Baptism?  (03:57)

Q. 56.                         Was anyone exempt from original sin? (05:22)  

Chapter 14: Personal Sin  

Q. 57.                         What is actual or personal sin? (01:17)

Q. 58.                         When someone commits a personal sin, what happens? (01:29)  

Chapter 15: Mortal and Venial Sin  

Q. 59.                         What is mortal sin?  (01:32)

Q. 60.                         What are the effects of mortal sin? (12:27)

Q. 61.                         What is venial sin? (03:13)

Q. 62.                         Under what conditions does a Christian commit a mortal sin?  (11:11)

Q. 63.                         When is an act right or wrong?  (11:53)  

Chapter 16: Knowing God’s Will and His Merciful Forgiveness  

Q. 64.                         How do we know God’s will? (04:26)

Q. 65.                         Does God forgive our sins? (01:13)

Q. 66.                         How does God draw the sinner to salvation? (05:42)

Q. 67.                         How are venial sins forgiven? (04:50)  

Chapter 17: Capital Sins  

Q. 68.                         What is a capital sin? (00:23)

Q. 69.                         What are the capital sins? (11:33)  

Chapter 18: Temptation  

Q. 70.                         What is temptation? (00:33)

Q. 71.                         Where do temptations come from? (06:05) 

Section 2: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior  

Part 1:          The Incarnation

Chapter 19: The Incarnation

Q. 72.                         Of all of God’s works, which is the greatest? (01:57)

Q. 73.                         What does the Incarnation mean? (04:20)

Q. 74.                         Why did God the Son come into the world? (03:00)  

Chapter 20: Jesus Is God  

Q. 75.                         Is Jesus Christ true God?  (07:18)

Q. 76.                         How does the Nicene Creed express our faith in Christ’s divinity?  (03:46)

Q. 77.                         Did Jesus say He was God? (08:07)

Q. 78.                         During His Passion, did Jesus say that He was God? (04:43)

Q. 79.                         Does the Catholic Church teach that Jesus is truly God? (02:37)

Q. 80.                         Is there any further evidence in the New Testament pointing to Jesus as God? (03:57)

Q. 81.                         How does the New Testament portray Jesus?  (00:53)

Part 2:          Jesus Is True Man and Our Redeemer  

Chapter 21: Jesus Is True Man  

Q. 82.                         Is Jesus Christ true man?  (02:48)

Q. 83.                         In what ways did Jesus show His concern for us?  (04:08)  

Chapter 22: Jesus Our Savior and Redeemer  

Q. 84.                         Why did Jesus Christ become man?  (08:00)

Q. 85.                         What do we mean when we say that Jesus is our Savior?  (01:15)

Q. 86.                         Is there any other Savior besides Jesus?  (09:01)

Q. 87.                         How did Jesus Christ redeem us?  (01:23)  

Chapter 23: The Passion of Our Lord: The Agony on Mount Olivet  

Q. 88.                         What did the agony and prayer in the garden express? (01:28)

Q. 89.                         Why were the sufferings Christ bore for us so severe? (02:47)  

Chapter 24: The Passion of Our Lord: Jesus before Pilate  

Q. 90.                         Before His death what trials did Jesus undergo?  (03:48)

Q. 91.                         What was Christ’s mission on earth? (06:47)

Q. 92.                         In what sense do we speak of the necessity of the Passion and death of Jesus? (01:03)

Q. 93.                         Did Jesus Himself declare that He had to suffer? (02:41)  

Chapter 25: The Passion of Our Lord: The Crucifixion of Jesus  

Q. 94.                         What did Jesus suffer upon the Cross? (01:06)

Q. 95.                         What are the “seven last words” of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels? (15:10)

Q. 96.                         How did Jesus die?  (00:31)

Q. 97.                         What effects did the Passion of Jesus have? (04:10)

Part 3:          The Resurrection and the Ascension  

Chapter 26: The Resurrection  

Q. 98.                         How did Jesus Christ show the power He has as the Son of God? (01:32)

Q. 99.                         Why is the Resurrection of our Lord so important? (04:21)

Q. 100.                       Why does the Resurrection of Jesus play a central part in the life of faith?  (05:00)

Q. 101.                       What was the Easter proclamation?  (01:11)  

Chapter 27: Jesus Appears to the Apostles  

Q. 102.                       How did Jesus lead His Apostles to faith in His Resurrection? (01:26)

Q. 103.                       How did the Holy Spirit lead the Apostles towards faith in the Resurrection of Jesus? (06:32)

Chapter 28: Belief in the Resurrection  

Q. 104.                       What does the Church teach about the Resurrection?  (04:10)

Q. 105.                       What does it mean to believe in the bodily Resurrection of Jesus from the dead? (01:06)  

Chapter 29: The Benefits of the Resurrection  

Q. 106.                       What has Jesus Christ done for us through His Resurrection? (06:26)

Q. 107.                       How does the risen Jesus help us now?  (01:10)  

Chapter 30: The Ascension: Jesus Returns to the Father  

Q. 108.                       What is the meaning of the Ascension of Christ? (03:11)

Q. 109.                       What are the two distinctive aspects of the mystery of the Ascension?  (04:27)

Q. 110.                       What has Christ done for us through His Ascension?  (03:42)

Q. 111.                       How is Christ present with the Church? (05:25)  

Chapter 31: Christ the King: Center of Our Life  

Q. 112.                       What plan does God have for mankind?  (01:29)

Q. 113.                       Is Jesus Christ the center of all God’s saving work? (00:36)

Section 3: The Holy Spirit

Part 1:          The Person of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 32: The Holy Spirit  

Q. 114.                       Who is God the Holy Spirit? (01:26)

Q. 115.                       The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. What is meant by this? (01:03)

Q. 116.                       What did Jesus Christ say about the Holy Spirit? (01:24)

Part 2:          The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church

Chapter 33: The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Church  

Q. 117.                       When did the Holy Spirit descend upon the Church?  (02:27)

Q. 118.                       How does the Holy Spirit carry out Christ’s work in the Church? (00:48)

Q. 119.                       Where is God the Holy Spirit especially present?  (07:28)

Q. 120.                       What does God the Holy Spirit accomplish for the Church?  (00:46)

Q. 121.                       Why is the Holy Spirit called the Soul of the Church? (01:16)

Q. 122.                       What is the task of the Holy Spirit in the Church?  (03:00)  

Chapter 34: Devotion to the Holy Spirit  

Q. 123.                       How should the Holy Spirit be honored? (08:05)

Part 3:          The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Christian

Chapter 35: Sanctifying Grace

Q. 124.                       What takes place when a person accepts the Spirit of Christ?  (00:34)

Q. 125.                       What is sanctifying grace?  (02:30)

Q. 126.                       What does this new life of sanctifying grace do for man?  (01:09)

Q. 127.                       What does God’s gift of grace do for us?  (00:54)

Chapter 36: Actual Grace

Q. 128.                       What is actual grace? (04:51)

Chapter 37: The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Man

Q. 129.                       What does the indwelling of the Holy Spirit do for man? (03:56)

Q. 130.                       What is our greatest dignity?  (01:34)

Part 4:          The Theological and Cardinal Virtues and the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 38: The Theological Virtues

Q. 131.                       What are the theological virtues? (01:20)

Q. 132.                       What is the theological virtue of faith?  (01:24)

Q. 133.                       What is the theological virtue of hope? (02:14)

Q. 134.                       What is the theological virtue of charity? (06:19)

Chapter 39: The Cardinal Virtues

Q. 135.                       What are the cardinal virtues? (00:23)

Q. 136.                       Why are prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance called cardinal virtues? (13:07)

Chapter 40: The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Q. 137.                       What are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit?  (17:07)

Section 4: The Church, the Communion of Saints,
and the Forgiveness of Sins

Part 1:          The Church

Chapter 41: What Is the Catholic Church?

Q. 138.                       What is the Catholic Church?  (05:15)

Q. 139.                       When did Jesus start the Catholic Church? (03:12)

Chapter 42: Gifts of God to the Catholic Church

Q. 140.                       What are some of the basic gifts given by God to the Catholic Church?      (02:53)

Q. 141.                       What are the two sources of divine truth which constitute the truths of the faith? (19:05)

Q. 142.                       What are some other gifts of the Catholic Church besides the truths of the faith? (01:12)

Q. 143.                       Are there other gifts of the Church besides the truths of the faith and the sacraments? (01:29)

Q. 144.                       By means of these gifts, what does the Catholic Church do for mankind?  (01:39)

Chapter 43: The Catholic Church Belongs to Christ

Q. 145.                       Why does the Catholic Church belong entirely to Christ?  (04:03)

Q. 146.                       How does the Catholic see the Church?  (02:19)

Q. 147.                       Why is the Catholic Church a living continuation of Christ on earth?  (07:42)

Q. 148.                       Why is the Catholic Church called the sacrament of Christ?  (01:19)

Q. 149.                       What do we mean when we speak of the Church in heaven?  (12:51)

Chapter 44: Leaders of the Catholic Church

Q. 150.                       Does the Catholic Church have leaders?  (01:27)

Q. 151.                       Who is the Holy Father, the Pope? (06:18)

Q. 152.                       Who are the bishops of the Church? (02:40)

Q. 153.                       What are the chief responsibilities of the Pope and bishops of the Catholic Church? 02:08)

Q. 154.                       Who directs Christ’s work in the Catholic Church?  (02:41)

Chapter 45: Members of the Catholic Church

Q. 155.                       What is owed to the Pope and bishops by the faithful?  (01:30)

Q. 156.                       Why is respect owed to everyone in the Church? (02:51)

Q. 157.                       Why is the Catholic Church a community?  (01:38)

Q. 158.                       Is everyone in the Church equal?  (01:39)

Q. 159.                       Who in the Church is called to a life of holiness? (03:58)

Chapter 46: The Role of the Catholic Church

Q. 160.                       Why is the Catholic Church essentially missionary? (04:05)

Q. 161.                       What is the role of the Church in the world?  (03:46)

Q. 162.                       How does the Catholic Church minister to our spiritual needs?  (00:50)

Q. 163.                       How does the Catholic Church minister to the bodily needs of people?  (03:26)

Q. 164.                       How can we help unbelievers find God?  (01:38)

Q. 165.                       What is our duty towards the world? (00:38)

Chapter 47: Christian Unity

Q. 166.                       Why is the unity of Christians in faith and love God’s will?  (01:39)

Q. 167.                       How is Christian unity promoted by Catholics? (04:01)

Q. 168.                       Why should we respect all men of good will?  (03:26)

Chapter 48: The Catholic Church: Means of Salvation

Q. 169.                       What do we believe about the Catholic Church and salvation?  (02:23)

Q. 170.                       How do the laity share in Christ’s mission?  (05:31)

Q. 171.                       How is the Catholic Church an institution of salvation?  (00:53)

Chapter 49: The Marks of the Church: The Church Is One

Q. 172.                       What are the marks that point out the true Church founded by Jesus?  (08:24)

Q. 173.                       Why is the Catholic Church one?  (00:13)

Q. 174.                       How did Jesus indicate that His Church is one?  (00:46)

Q. 175.                       Why are we united by a spiritual leader?  (01:02)

Q. 176.                       Why are we united in worship? (01:16)  

Chapter 50: The Marks of the Church: The Church Is Holy

Q. 177.                       Why is the Catholic Church holy?  (01:06)

Chapter 51: The Marks of the Church: The Church Is Catholic

Q. 178.                       Why is the Church catholic or universal? (00:54)

Q. 179.                       How long has the Catholic Church been in existence? (01:44)

Q. 180.                       Does the Catholic Church teach all the truths that Jesus Christ taught?  (01:31)

Chapter 52: The Marks of the Church: The Church Is Apostolic

Q. 181.                       Why is the Catholic Church apostolic?  (03:19)

Part 2:          The Communion of Saints

Chapter 53: The Communion of Saints

Q. 182.                       What do we mean when we say, “I believe in the Communion of Saints”?  (02:07)

Q. 183.                       Why is the Church called the Church Militant?  (03:45)

Q. 184.                       How do we help each other?  (01:16)

Q. 185.                       What is the Church Suffering? (01:17)

Q. 186.                       What is our duty toward the deceased? (06:13)

Q. 187.                       What is the Church Triumphant?  (01:34)

Q. 188.                       Why does the Church honor the canonized saints?  (00:34)

Part 3:          The Forgiveness of Sins

Chapter 54: The Forgiveness of Sins

Q. 189.                                   What do we mean when we say, “I believe in the forgiveness of sins”?  (01:56)

Section 5: Channels of Grace

Part 1:          The Sacraments in General

Chapter 55: Sacraments: Actions of Christ

Q. 190.                       In what way is the saving work of Christ continued?  (00:48)

Q. 191.                       How does the Church continue Christ’s work?  (00:29)

Q. 192.                       What are the sacraments?  (03:49)

Q. 193.                       What do the sacraments reveal? (03:54)

Q. 194.                       Why are the sacraments referred to as actions of Christ? (03:51)

Chapter 56: The Purpose of the Sacraments

Q. 195.                       Why did Jesus institute the sacraments? (01:39)

Q. 196.                       Why does the Church encourage Catholics to receive the sacraments? (00:33)

Q. 197.                       What purpose do the sacraments serve?  (07:35)

Chapter 57: Sacramentals

Q. 198.                       What are sacramentals? (01:32)

Q. 199.                       What is the effect of the sacramentals?  (01:44)

Q. 200.                       What are some of the sacramentals?  (03:38)

Part 2:          The Individual Sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, Penance

Chapter 58: The Sacrament of Baptism

Q. 201.                       What is the sacrament of Baptism? (01:43)

Q. 202.                       What relationship with God is begun at Baptism?  (09:42)

Chapter 59: The Sacrament of Confirmation

Q. 203.                       What is the sacrament of Confirmation?  (00:45)

Q. 204.                       What happens when we receive the seal of the Spirit at Confirmation? (02:37)

Chapter 60: The Sacrament of Penance

Q. 205.                       What is the sacrament of Penance?  (00:39)

Q. 206.                       How does the sacrament of Penance help us? (05:53)

Q. 207.                       If a Catholic has committed a mortal sin, is it necessary for him to go to confession? (04:51)

Q. 208.                       What does perfect sorrow for sin do for a person?  (01:52)

Q. 209.                       What does the Church desire concerning confession? (02:18)

Q. 210.                       What do we gain by confessing venial sins?  (12:54)

Chapter 61: Reparation for Sin and Indulgences

Q. 211.                       Must we still suffer for our sins in other ways even after they are forgiven?  (00:52)

Q. 212.                       What is an indulgence?  (00:45)

Q. 213.                       How does the Church have the power to grant indulgences? (02:07)

Q. 214.                       What are the conditions for gaining an indulgence?  (00:55)

Q. 215.                       May we gain an indulgence for the benefit of the departed? (00:50)

Q. 216.                       What is the difference between a plenary and a partial indulgence?  (02:32)

Q. 217.                       What are some examples of partial indulgences?  (05:28)  

Part 3:         The Individual Sacraments: Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony

Chapter 62: The Sacrament of Holy Orders

Q. 218.                       What is the sacrament of Holy Orders?  (01:09)

Q. 219.                       What does episcopal consecration or ordination confer? (01:53)

Q. 220.                       What special grace is given by Jesus in the sacrament of Holy Orders?  (04:49)

Q. 221.                       What can priests do as representatives of Jesus?  (06:47)

Chapter 63: The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

Q. 222.                       What is the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick? (02:16)

Q. 223.                       When is the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick best received? (03:17)

Q. 224.                       What does the Church ask the Lord for by this anointing?  (03:03)

Q. 225.                       What does the Church ask the sick to do?  (05:37)  

Chapter 64: The Sacrament of Matrimony

Q. 226.                       Who instituted the sacrament of Matrimony?  (02:44)

Q. 227.                       Who elevated marriage to the dignity of a sacrament? (01:47)

Q. 228.                       Who are the ministers of the sacrament of Matrimony? (02:14)

Q. 229.                       In what ways can we see the dignity of the sacrament of Matrimony? (07:28)

Q. 230.                       What do Christian spouses commit themselves to do in the sacrament of Matrimony? (01:53)

Q. 231.                       Why did God institute marriage? (07:03)

Q. 232.                       How long does the bond of sacramental marriage last? (04:16)

Chapter 65: The Sacrament of Matrimony and the Family

Q. 233.                       What is the purpose of conjugal love and family life?  (02:51)

Q. 234.                       What is every family’s calling?  (00:44)

Q. 235.                       How does the Christian family show the Savior’s living presence in the world?  (01:04)    

Section 6: The Holy Eucharist and Prayer

Part 1:          The Holy Eucharist

Chapter 66: The Holy Eucharist

Q. 236.                       What is a sacrifice to God? (01:39)

Q. 237.                       What is the Holy Eucharist? (01:10)

Q. 238.                       Why does the Church celebrate the Eucharist? (08:10)

Chapter 67: The Eucharist Made Present

Q. 239.                       What takes place when a priest speaks the words of Eucharistic consecration?  (01:45)

Q. 240.                       How is Jesus present in the Eucharist?  (01:58)

Chapter 68: The Sacrifice of the Mass

Q. 241.                       What is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? (02:42)

Q. 242.                       What is the liturgy? (02:13)

Q. 243.                       What is the most important form of all Christian liturgy? (00:11)

Q. 244.                       What are the two principal parts of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?  (08:32)

Q. 245.                       Why is the Holy Mass offered?  (01:36)

Q. 246.                       How do lay people participate in the Mass?  (04:00)

Chapter 69: The Mass: Remembrance and Sacrifice

Q. 247.                       Why is the Mass both a sacrifice and a sacred meal? (05:41)

Q. 248.                       Why is the Mass the one sacrifice of Christ?  (02:40)

Q. 249.                       Who has been empowered to offer the Eucharistic Sacrifice?  (02:58)

Chapter 70: Holy Communion

Q. 250.                       What is Holy Communion?  (03:21)

Q. 251.                       Why is the Holy Eucharist a sacrament of unity? (07:21)

Q. 252.                       What does Jesus do for properly prepared Catholics in the Eucharist? (02:58)

Chapter 71: The Effects of Holy Communion

Q. 253.                       Does reception of the Holy Eucharist at Holy Communion increase

                                    the supernatural life of our soul?  (04:27)

Q. 254.                       Does Holy Communion unite our souls more closely to Jesus?  (02:39)

Q. 255.                       Does Holy Communion increase our love for God?  (01:37)

Q. 256.                       Does Holy Communion increase our love of neighbor? (03:41)

Q. 257.                       Why is Holy Communion a pledge of future glory?  (03:10)

Chapter 72: The Real Presence

Q. 258.                       Why does Jesus become present in the Holy Eucharist? (00:53)

Q. 259.                       Why is the Holy Eucharist reserved in our churches?  (02:03)

Q. 260.                       What do we owe to Jesus, reserved in the Blessed Sacrament?  (04:43)

Q. 261.                       Why is the Holy Eucharist the center of all sacramental life?  (06:20)

Part 2:          Prayer

Chapter 73: What Prayer Is

Q. 262.                       What is prayer?  (00:41)

Q. 263.                       What is mental or interior prayer? (06:26)

Q. 264.                       Why is prayer necessary? (00:33)

Q. 265.                       What are the four purposes of prayer? (02:25)

Chapter 74: How We Should Pray

Q. 266.                       How should we pray? (02:18)

Q. 267.                       Why is Jesus the divine Model of prayer?  (00:37)

Chapter 75: The “Our Father”

Q. 268.                       Why is the “Our Father” a prayer of perfect and unselfish love?  (02:03)

Section 7: The Ten Commandments and
Final Reunion with God

Part 1:          The Ten Commandments

Chapter 76: The Moral Life of Christians

Q. 269.                       If we want to answer God’s love with our love, what must we do?  (01:06)

Q. 270.                       What does Catholic morality teach?  (00:54)

Q. 271.                       How is Catholic morality supported and guided? (13:00)

Q. 272.                       What is conscience?  (00:35)

Q. 273.                       Should each person have a right conscience? (00:53)

Q. 274.                       How should a Catholic form a right conscience?  (10:56)

Q. 275.                       What does obedience to the Holy Spirit entail?  (00:44)

Chapter 77: Perfect Christian Love

Q. 276.                       What is the summary of all of the commandments? (01:17)

Q. 277.                       Why is the love of God called the soul of morality? (02:41)

Q. 278.                       What is man’s greatest responsibility? (01:38)

Q. 279.                       How does a person obtain holiness?  (04:48)

Q. 280.                       Why do men and women enter into consecrated vocations?  (06:56)

Chapter 78: Our Duties Toward God

Q. 281.                       How do we know the duties which flow from love of God and man?  (04:17)

Q. 282.                       What can be said in general about a Christian’s duties toward God?  (00:47)         

Q. 283.                       How do we sin against God’s honor?  (08:56)

Chapter 79: Our Duties Toward Our Neighbor

Q. 284.                       What responsibilities do we have toward other people? (02:23)

Q. 285.                       How can we show the justice and charity of Christ to others?  (00:39)

Q. 286.                       How should our judgments of others and our speech be ruled?  (02:50)

Q. 287.                       In obedience to lawful authority, how do we show our love for our neighbor?  (03:51)

Q. 288.                       In what ways do we sin against our neighbor?  (03:05)

Chapter 80: Our Duties Toward Self

Q. 289.                       What responsibilities do we have towards self?  (06:54)

Q. 290.                       What does the thought of the duties and obligations which flow from

                                    the love of God and man help the Christian to do?   (02:08)

Part 2:          Final Union with God

Chapter 81: Death, Judgment, Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven

Q. 291.                       Why should a Christian face death with courage and joy?  (05:28)

Q. 292.                       What is the particular judgment?  (01:51)

Q. 293.                       What is hell? (05:29)

Q. 294.                       What is Purgatory? (02:12)

Q. 295.                       What is the Beatific Vision? (02:52)

Chapter 82: Resurrection of the Body

Q. 296. What do we mean when we say, “We believe in the resurrection of the body”?  (02:07)

Q. 297. What do we mean when we say, “We believe in life everlasting”?  (00:37)

Chapter 83: The Last Judgment

Q. 298.                       What is the Last Judgment?  (02:32)

Q. 299.                       What will take place on the day of the Last Judgment? (04:06)

Q. 300.                       What will take place when Christ returns with power?  (02:59)

Q. 301.                       When will we fully reach our eternal destiny?  (02:28)

Chapter 84: Mary, Mother of God and of the Church

Q. 302.                       Why does Mary, after Christ, have the highest place in the Church? (04:40)

Q. 303.                       What are some of the special gifts which God gave to Mary?  (08:06)

Q. 304.                       What is the wish of the Catholic Church concerning devotion to Mary? (01:51)


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