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Catechetical Program >> Resources >> Audio & Video Resources >> Free Downloads >> FAQ's regarding Free Family Catechism Downloads

Family Catechism: Fr. Lawrence Lovasik

  • If your downloading time is really bad, you could try doing the download after 11:00pm or sometime when there isn't peak internet traffic for the service provider. It might help to install a download manager on your computer which may help to continue a download from where it was before the disconnect.  Lastly there might be an issue with your internet connectivity in general.
  • I found a download program and it worked. In fact, it reduce the download time greatly. I used


  • the DVD images have an extension of ".img" which my Nero software did not recognize. I just renamed the file to have a ".iso" extension and the files burned fine.

  • I was able to get all of the MP3s to fit on 15 audio CDs.


  • It does take hours to download the files. I haven't stayed to watch. I start two downloads before I go to bed and they're done in the morning. I have a reasonably fast DSL line. On our T-1 line here at work it seems to download at about 160 kbps and estimates about 3.5 hours to download.

  • The downloads of both the DVD images and the MP3s worked great! There was a little trick to copying the DVD image to the DVD. My software was looking for a file with an “.iso” extension while the Catechism DVDs were produced with a “.img” extension. After a little “clicking around the internet”, I found out the two file formats were interchangeable and just changed the extension to “.iso”.

  • I was indeed able to download the MP3 files. Rather than downloading each one separately, the zip file seemed more convenient.

  • I downloaded the mp3 files.  Was easy to do but might be good to mention that once the files are downloaded, they need to be unzipped with winrar (any unzipping program will work) before you burn them onto a cd.

  • We downloaded the first Cardinal Arinze Catechism DVDs, which two of our chicken pox infested boys are watching right now!

  • My Nero burning software worked just fine as an IMG file extension. It is the more common one. ISO is more associated with making hard disk images.

  • I downloaded the entire ZIP file.  This archive contains MP3 files which I intend to burn to CD.

  • I downloaded the mp3 files on my ipod.  I have not been through all of the questions yet but they are all there on the menu.


  • Question: "I did successfully download the entire 304 Cardinal Arinze Catechism MP3 files.  However, my computer would not allow me to transfer these MP3 files to my Sirius Radio Stiletto 100 MP3 player.I routinely download MP3 files from and other MP3 download sites which can easily be transferred to my Sirius Radio Stiletto 100 MP3 player. Do you know why I am unable to transfer these MP3 files to my Sirius Radio Stiletto 100 MP3 player?" Answer: "There is no reason I am aware of why you should be having this problem. Make sure the files have been unzipped. Make sure there is enough room on the device. Other than that I don't know what to say. They are standard MP3 files."


  • Question: "I'm on an iMac computer. I downloaded the c.d.'s successfully and imported them into iTunes. I listen to them on my ipod. I attempted downloading the d.v.d.'s but I wasn't able to open them for transfer onto dvd. I use iTunes, iMovie HD, and iDVD to make and burn movies onto DVD. I am very interested in getting the DVD's, so is there a way to do this with my system and software?" Answer: "I use macs myself, so I will try and help you out. The MP3 downloads work well and are indeed easy to import into iTunes and the iPod. I was able myself to download the DVD files and burn them onto a DVD disc using which you can download here: "



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