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Sales Terms and Conditions

Suggestions When Ordering


To help us serve you efficiently, please include the following information with your purchase:

1.         Full name, title, email address and telephone number of the person ordering.

2.         Complete shipping address. 

3.         Complete title, resource number and quantity of products ordered.

4.         Your order is processed as soon as it is submitted.  We cannot make changes, corrections and/or cancellations.  No replacements or refunds can be made on orders submitted with incorrect information.

Parishes, Schools and Organizations (Dealers, Distributors etc)

1.                  Obtain a price quotation from AFC Resource Representative (please call 1-800-773-2645) to receive appropriate commercial pricing and shipping rate. Please note that the shipping rate will vary depending on the items you plan to order. 

2.                  Place your order via phone, mail or fax (740-765-5561) and not through the website. 

3.         Your order is processed as soon as it is submitted.  We cannot make changes, corrections and/or cancellations after the order is received.  No replacements or refunds can be made on orders with incorrect information.


1.         Payments must accompany orders upon submission.

2.         Acceptable forms of payments are: cash, check or credit card (MasterCard, VISA or DISCOVER).

3.                  Please provide complete credit card billing information when paying by credit card: credit card number, cardholder’s name and telephone number, and card expiration date (month and year).

4.         Please make checks payable to: Apostolate for Family Consecration, or AFC. Payments should be sent to the AFC at 3375 County Road 36, Bloomingdale, OH 43910.


1.         All prices are subject to change without notice. 

2.         Prices do not include shipping and handling charges. 


1.         Normal delivery time is 10-12 business days from receipt of an order.

2.         International shipping or requests for expedited shipping and other special delivery instructions must be indicated on the order form or when ordering via website or phone.  Please indicate your email address as well (when ordering via website, please put email in comments section).  We will inform you of the applicable shipping charges (rates on shipping table or website do not apply).   Additional charges for expedited processing will apply together with the US Postal Service or UPS rate for the desired arrival date.  A daytime phone number where the person ordering can be reached by the package delivery company should be indicated.

3.         Shipping charges will be included in the invoice the AFC issues.  All orders are subject to a minimum charge of $3.00.  Please refer to separate shipping policies for current rates.

Sales Tax

1.         All customers in Ohio must include 7.25% sales tax with their payment.

2.         If you are exempt from sales tax, please send a copy of your exemption or resale certificate with your initial order.

Receipt of Materials

1.         Check the items received.

2.         Please note that deliveries of multi-carton shipments may be spread out over several days.

3.         If there are discrepancies between what you ordered and what you received, please call Customer Service immediately at 740-765-5500 and provide the following:

  •  Sales Order number

  •  Date shipment received

  •  Order discrepancies

  •  Method of shipment

4.         If unopened package appears water-damaged, please call us immediately at 740-765-5500 (1-800-773-2645).


Items are not sold on approval unless specified.  We do not offer any refund.

Damaged or Defective Products

No exchanges except for damaged or defective products.  Problems must be reported within 30 days of your receipt of the product. 

If an item is damaged or defective, please call 740-765-5500 (1-800-773-2645).  We will notify you if you need to return the damage or defective products to us.  If notified to return the product, all returns must be accompanied by the packing slip.  Returns received without a prior notification will not be replaced.

Questions about your order

Please contact our Customer Service Department at 740-765-5500 (1-800-773-2645).

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