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                                                Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is participation in this event by invitation only?
Yes, this is an assembly of all members of the AFC. All members will be invited to participate in this historic event.

2. How do I know if I'm a member of the AFC?
Invitations went out to all those that responded to the Membership Survey. If you did not receive one and believe you are a member, please contact us ASAP at, as we do want include all who desire to be a part of membership. Click here for more information.

3. Is this event for the entire family or just the adult members of the AFC?
The General Assembly is for the adult members of the AFC.

4. Do I have to register for the General Assembly?
Yes, you will receive an invitation which will require an RSVP so that preparations for materials, food and seating can be arranged.

5. Will there be on-site lodging?
Yes, lodging will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may also choose to stay at a local hotel. Click here for a listing of hotels offering group rates for this event. 

6. Is there a cost to attend the General Assembly?
Your travel and off-site lodging will be your expense. On-site lodging, meals and participation in the event is free. A free-will offering is always appreciated and helpful!

7. What will I do at the General Assembly?
As a participant of the General Assembly, you will join the International AFC Family for a weekend of dialogue, fellowship and prayer. There will be one day devoted to meeting as Members of the AFC to dialogue together about the various aspects of our Apostolate, namely, our membership, the AFC's vision & mission, the building of communion in our AFC family, and effective ways and means to move into the future. We look forward to your participation because, as a Member of the AFC, we're sure that you have valuable input on how we could be more effective as a Family Apostolate. We look forward to your participation as we work together as a spiritual family, so as to better serve families around the world.

We will also hear presentations from our Global Mission Centers on how the AFC is impacting the countries they serve. Representatives from Myanmar, Russia, Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria and Belgium will be present for the General Assembly to give updates and testimonials on how the mission of the Apostolate is bearing spiritual fruits in the lives of families worldwide. The General Assembly is a time to give thanks to God for the good fruits that He has worked through the Apostolate. By the grace of God, the AFC has touched thousands of lives. We hope and pray to be able to reach out to more families and to do so more effectively. We need your help to move into the future and to discern together the path forward during the upcoming Extraordinary General Assembly.

The Assembly is characterized by a spirit of dialogue, fellowship, and prayer in a global setting, with an attitude of openness and listening, and expression of mutual support. The General Assembly is a time to get to know one another through personal interaction, in order to build up mutual understanding, as we work together to build up God’s Kingdom through the mission of the Apostolate. We will have cultural celebrations and an international dinner with our Members from Myanmar, the Philippines, Russia, Nigeria, the USA and Mexico! They are travelling to the USA for this special and historic AFC Event!

8. What do "Active Voice and "Passive Voice" Participation mean?
We've received feedback to offer further explanation on the use of "active" and "passive" voice for those who will participate in the General Assembly.

Please click here for the memo from Philip Gray, JCL re: Active and Passive Voice Participation.

9. What is the dress code for the General Assembly?
The dress code for the event is business formal. 

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