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Holy Family Fest >> Fest Activities >> For Young Children Age 0-12

Activities for Babies

Activities for Young Children

(Age 0-12)



Activities for Babies & Toddlers (Age 3 & Under)

•  During the morning Mass and the adult morning sessions parents are responsible for watching their children age 3 & under. We encourage parents to bring their young children into Mass and they are welcome to take their children into the adult sessions as well. 
•  We have an open children’s play area with toys (separated by a curtain) in the rear of the St. Joseph Auditorium (the building that both Mass and the adult sessions take place) where parents can take their children and still hear the Mass or adult session.

•  Parents also have the option of taking their children into the bookstore where they can walk around and are still able to hear the Mass or session and watch the live-feed on the television.
•  Finally, if parents would like for their children to be able to freely make noise and play, we have a play room in Redeemer Hall (next-door to the auditorium) where there is a television to watch and hear the live-feed of the adult sessions or Mass.


•  We have free pony rides for all children under age 10.

•  We also have a kiddy pool adjacent to the full-size pool.

•  In addition, we have a day for the family olympics and there are playgrounds with slides and swings throughout the property (including a 100 foot long 10 foot high jungle gym with 2 ball pits, tunnels, and slides).

•  An activity/sports shack is available where you can get soccer balls, basketballs, wiffleballs (hollow plastic balls and bats), softballs, volleyballs, kick-balls, frisbees, and tennis equipment, along with other sports equipment that can be utilized in all the surrounding fields and courts to accommodate a great game (soccer field, tennis/basketball court, 2 volleyball courts, etc.).
We have a corn-hole toss and open fields for running & playing.
•  Going to “Mama C’s Snack Shack” is a fun treat where your children can get snacks and treats from ice-cream to nacho’s as well as hot-dogs or hamburgers for lunch (for purchase).
Finally, we do have a fenced off children's play area up at Holy Family Park (where almost all of the afternoon activities take place).

Each night we have a family activity that all ages participate in and enjoy (skit night, dance night, marsh-mellow rosary campfire night, banner night, etc.).

Activities for Children Ages 4 to 9

Attend the morning children’s groups.
•  Children age 8 and older can participate in some of our fest tournaments. It is also good to keep in mind that many informal games are initiated by different age groups on the various fields and courts that your child can participate in or even initiate.
•  Based on height your child may be able to go on our smallest waterslide (200 feet long), our medium size waterslide (450 feet long), and/or our large waterslide (950 feet long).

•  We have a game room with foosball tables, a pool table, and table tennis available in addition to disc golf outside.
Please note that many of the activities listed above for those under “Age 3 & Under” are also available for this age group (the Activity Shack, Pony rides, playgrounds, etc.)


Activities for Children 10 to 12

•  Attend the morning children’s groups.
•  Can participate in many of the fest tournaments we have, however some formal tournaments are only for age 13 & up. But again, please keep in mind that many informal games are initiated that your child can participate in or even initiate themselves.

•  Horse rides for an extra fee.
•  Again please note that many of the activities listed in the section above for those “Ages 4 to 9” are also available for this age group (the Activity Shack, waterslides, game room, etc.).

Click here to find out about all available activities, including those for age 13 & up who attend our MARADs Teen Program and our Young Apostles Program. Also, please take a look at this Sample Agenda to get a better idea of the fest events!

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