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Holy Family Fest >> Fest Activities >> For Teens, Parents & Beyond

Activities for Babies

Activities for Teens, Parents & Beyond

Activities for Teens (Ages 13 to 18)

•  Maria, Al, & Dom’s (MARADS) is a special program and place for the “Destiny Generation” to gather, make new friends, and learn about eternal realities.  Over the past few years it has grown so large that we've divided it into 2 groups: MARADS-OUT (ages 13-14 in the out-door pavilion) & MARADS-INN (ages 15-18).



•  Skits, games, talks, music, guest speakers, movies, and small group discussions are just some of the activities that take place at MARADS during a Holy Family Fest. Please encourage your Destiny Generation youth not to miss out!



•  We have the following of tournaments available for ages 13 and up: Organized Soccer Games, Softball Tournament, Basketball Tournament, Volleyball Tournament, Basketball Tournament.  In addition we have a Chess Tournament: for ages 8 and up.
•  We also have a full-size pool (see picture below).
•  An activity/sports shack is available where you can get soccer balls, basketballs, wiffleballs (hollow plastic balls and bats), softballs, volleyballs, kick-balls, frisbees, and tennis equipment, along with other sports equipment that can be utilized in all the surrounding fields and courts to accommodate a great game (soccer field, tennis/basketball court, 2 volleyball courts, etc.).
We have a corn-hole toss, a sheltered bench area, and many hiking trails that are great for spending time with family and newly made friends.

•  Going to “Mama C’s Snack Shack” is a fun treat where Teens & Young adults can get snacks, drinks, or treats like ice-cream to help them cool down between rounds in a tournament or just while they watch the volley ball, chess, soccer, or basketball tournaments with new Catholic friends their own age.
Each evening we have a family activity that all ages participate in and enjoy (skit night, dance night, marsh-mellow rosary campfire night, banner night, etc.).
After the evening family activity the Teens & Young Adults have another MARADs program which includes more skits, games, guest speakers, and prayer.  We also dedicate one of the nights to an adoration vigil and we've recieved a number of testimonies from Teens & Young Adults saying that it was the most powerful and moving part of their week.



Activities for Young Adults Ages 19+

•  Young Adult College age adults and beyond are invited to meet with others their age for formation and sharing. The Young Apostles group helps you in your journey as you discern and prepare to follow God’s plan for your life. Come and share your experiences and learn more about how the faith can be applied to your life.

•  Go on our smallest waterslide (200 feet long), our medium size waterslide (450 feet long), and/or our large waterslide (950 feet long).
•  We have many tournaments available (see listed above). Other Activities include Disc Golf (located near the pool), ping pong, shuffle board, bean bag toss, basketball, volleyball, tennis, kickball, & softball.
Please note that many the activities listed above for the Teens are also available for the Young Adults. 


Activities for Parents/Adults

•  Adults/Parents attend the Morning Workshops.  We start out by giving some time to enjoy refreshments while meeting other Catholic adults and parents.
The morning continues with a presentation and we have couple days with small group discussions where parents and adults can talk about the presentation topics.  We also have Q&A(s) where the presenter(s) or Speaker(s) open up the floor to questions.

The following is an except from our sample agenda and it will give you a good idea about the layout of the week (Speakers will vary from Fest to Fest):

"On Monday you will learn why a deep spiritual response to the problems of our world is absolutely necessary and how Family Consecration is a great Message of Hope for families. Tuesday, Michael Sullivan, president of Catholics United for the Faith will talk on “Relational Evangelization” and how we can evangelize others through personal relationships. The primary example he will use is the story of his wife’s conversion from atheism. On Wednesday join us as we share with you how to live Family Consecration as a Way of Life based on six principles for God-centered living. Thursday morning wraps up the week with a presentation on the history and future of the Apostolate for Family Consecration."

•  Horse rides for an extra fee.
•  Parents and adults are also welcome in all the afternoon activities, tournaments, and informal games listed above for the Teens and Young Adults.

Grandparents are also very welcome here!

Click here to see a listing of all available activities. Also, please take a look at this Sample Agenda to get a better idea of the fest events!

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