The Apostolate for Family Consecration®
Consecrating families to the Holy Family
in the Spirit of Blessed Pope John Paul II
May 2013

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A blessed May to you - the month of Mary, St Joseph the Worker and Pentecost!
As spring flowers blossom and tender foliage sprouts from bare branches, new graces are poured out this month upon your children who are first communicants and confirmandi.

SInce we just celebrated the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday, let us dare to trust ever more deeply in God’s plan to set our lives ablaze with His divine life and love!
I have been inspired by George Weigel’s new book, Evangelical Catholicism. He describes how we are called to live out our Catholic faith so profoundly, as a true reflection of Jesus Christ, that it will be reminiscent of the disciples of the early Church. The Roman Empire, a pagan society not unlike our own, was converted by the witness of radical Catholics. God is calling all of us to fall into a deeper love with His Son and to share Him with those He puts in our path.

$200 New Family Discount- Invite a Family to a Holy Family Fest

We still have cabins available on the 1st Fest, June 15th-21st. Also, we have campsites and RV hookups available on all 5 Fests. As Blessed John Paul II stated, “the family is being

shaken to its roots.” Holy Family Fests give us an incredible opportunity to strengthen families’ roots with the hope that comes from learning, living and sharing the call to holiness within the family. Be an evangelist, share the hope by inviting a new family to attend. They will get a $200 Discount! Click here to register!

$100 reimbursements for your Holy Family Fest fees- and More! 
The $100 reimbursements of your Holy Family Fest bill are available to each person of your family who becomes a member of Catholic Financial Life. Children age 15 and younger can do so for as little as $30 a year! Also, $250 Catholic grade school scholarships and $500 High School ones are available each year, one 

per family, to members. Contact Cory Ruefer with Catholic Financial Life for more details: or (608) 495-2143

“I paid $210 for 7 policies for my younger 7 children this year, and I will get reimbursed $700 from Catholic Financial Life! That is a $490 swing to the positive! This allows me to make an extra contribution to the work of the Apostolate to build Catholic families of great faith.” 
–Michael O’Rourke

What is the Holy Spirit speaking to every person, right now? 

By journeying through the progression over the past 400 years of new insights into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary as proclaimed through Church dogmas, emphasized in Church Councils and unveiled in approved private revelation, the New and Divine Holiness series clearly presents the incredible spiritual gifts available to you at this point in history. One viewer commented:

“It is astonishing how much Our Lord is pouring out His heart to humanity now, and to me personally. This series is life-changing!” 

Click here for more information on the 8-part series. 
DVD set is $14.95 and CD’s $12.95.

FREE Download for You - Chapter 1 of New and Divine Holiness

As a ‘Thank you’ for your prayers and support of building Catholic families through this ministry, we are offering you a free download of the first chapter from the series New and Divine Holiness

Click here to get the free download!

Local Family Fests in Illinois and Missouri!

Holy Family Adventure Weekend - May 24th to May 27th, 2013 at the Ave Maria Retreat Center in Danville, Illinois. Special guests include Justin Fatica, Patty Schneier and Fr. Kevin Barrett. Go to for more information. 

Family Fest Missouri Weekend - August 8th to August 11th at the Eagle Hurst Ranch in Steelville Missouri. Special guest speaker is Fr. James Wasser, M.S.F. Check out the details under the events tab at:

Service from our Youth: Commitments and further Opportunities!

Year Round Alumni Corps - Are you called? Currently 6 young men & women serve the Apostolate’s center in Bloomingdale as Year Round Alumni Corps. If you are interested in committing some time to this ministry, contact Greg Becker at

Fest Alumni Corps & Service Corps: 19 additional Alumni Corps arrived in Bloomingdale on May 19th to serve the families this summer. 12 Service Corps arrive in June. 

A Weekend of Help from James Lohrmann and friends: James is a student at Franciscan University and a former Alumni Corps Member. He organized a group of guys to come and help out at Familyland one weekend in April. They worked hard at clearing a fence line of briars and overgrowth in one of our horse pastures. Thank you, gentleman!

Goodyear Tire Company donates to the AFC


Catholic Corps Life Member, Tim Croes, wrote to Goodyear asking for a donation of front tires for our International #574 farm tractor. By God’s providence, they not only agreed to donate the tires, but also the tire mounting service. Thank you, Holy Family, for interceding for our needs!

Membership within the AFC Family is growing!

Recently, 29 men and women made Disciple Membership commitments in the Apostolate for Family Consecration: 21 First Degree Member commitments, 4 Second Degree commitments and 4 Life commitments. It is with great joy that we welcome these Members to the AFC Family! Thank you for giving yourself so generously to this mission to build families of faith by consecrating them to the Holy Family and in the truths of our Catholic Faith! 

The AFC Family experiences many of the joys, sorrows, changes and challenges that are often experienced in family life. Our AFC Family has recently experienced a sadness with the departure of one of its beloved Catholic Corps Members, Dennis Brower. Many of you know Dennis and are familiar with him and his joyful spirit, as he so generously served and sacrificed for the sanctification of family life through the AFC. But, after 28 years with the AFC Family, he decided to leave earlier this month. A great deal of time and effort has been expended to help Dennis sort through the decision he desired to make. Dennis is supportive of the present administration and loves the spirituality and mission of the AFC, so that is not the source of his conflict; his struggles have been mostly of a personal nature and a desire to pursue marriage. Please continue to pray for Dennis as he moves on with his life elsewhere. We are grateful for all he has contributed to building up the AFC during its foundational years. We will miss him and will always keep him in our hearts and prayers.

A Reflection from Our Founder: 

“Through this total consecration, an ever growing spiritual army is being assembled in the Church to transform our society for the Holy Family. It is truly a "Gideon's Army," where the consecrated few can be powerful instruments of atonement by giving their meager merits to Mary, so that she can increase their value and then present them to her Son. The great message of hope is that a consecrated few can offset the effects of the sins of many, and usher in a civilization of love and life! -Jerry Coniker, Founder with Gwen of the Apostolate for family Consecration 

We need your Continued Support

Thank you for all the additional sacrifices you made at the end of 2012 and for your continued support. You kept this ministry afloat. I know that many of you are experiencing the challenges of this economy. Know that we pray for you each day. We ask for your prayers as we seek to find ways to secure the necessary funding to meet our financial obligations in order to continue this ministry for families. Please remember us in any additional giving you may be able to offer at this time. I’m confident that the Holy Family will take care of your needs as you sacrifice with us to build many holy families.

I sign off with a powerful quote from Blessed John Paul II that sums up why we as a ministry are passionate about serving families and leading them deeply into the Heart of Christ:

"The holiness of the family is the chief way and necessary path to construct a new and better society, and to restore hope for the future to a world oppressed by so many threats." ~ Blessed Pope John Paul II

On behalf of the staff here at Catholic Familyland and United in the Holy Family,

Alan Zimmerer, President