The Apostolate for Family Consecration®
Consecrating families to the Holy Family
in the Spirit of Blessed Pope John Paul II
July 2013

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As we commemorate our nation’s independence, we give thanks to God for His blessings upon our nation, and we implore His Mercy. We have so much to be thankful for in all that our founding fathers have done to build a land of liberty and justice for all. We also have so much to be sorrowful for all that our nation has not done to preserve the values upon which America was built. 

June 26, 2013 marked a very tragic day for the sanctity of marriage and our nation. The Apostolate for Family Consecration (AFC) renews its commitment to helping families fulfill their God-given destiny. Being a people of God - a people of hope, we will not waiver in our service to help families live Godly lives, thereby empowering them to be the light and love of Christ in this dark and hurting world.

Holy Family Fests in Full Swing!

We will serve over 600 families this summer. Through these events, we seek to bring families to the joy of knowing, loving and serving God as they experience a week of vibrant Catholic culture. 

Our goal is to evangelize the spirituality of Family Consecration to every family as the “easiest, shortest and safest path”, according to Saint Louis De Montfort, to union with God. To that end, we are introducing this summer a new pamphlet entitled Family Consecration as a Way of Life. It explains consecration in simple terms and then outlines six principles for living a God-centered life: 1. Prayer life, 2. Sacramental life, 3. Living the virtues, 4. Learning the faith, 5. Sharing the faith, and 6. Serving others. The feedback has been excellent on this new tool to evangelize families and help them focus on what is eternally important!

The Holy Family Fest is designed to engage the family as a whole, as well as by bringing individuals of a family together with others in their age group, from tiny tots to the teens and all those in between. The programs seek to lead all to an encounter with Christ.

 Children's Program (4-12 year olds) this Summer
 The main outline of the program follows the six principles for God-centered family living found in our new pamphlet.

Throughout the week, the kids experience outdoor activities, saint talks, a Divine Mercy catechism lesson, arts and crafts, pool day and so much more. They also learn a few songs with hand motions that they perform for their families at the end of the week. 
We have now added Eucharistic holy hours for ALL age groups! The holy hours consist of praise and worship, meditation, a saint story, and silent prayer. Confessions are also offered during this time. The children at the first 2 fests really benefitted from it, and we pray that Our Lord will continue to move the hearts of His children during the fests to come!
The faith of our Catholic Familyland (CFL) children is so beautiful! It was amazing to see how many kids were eager to go to Confession. We heard one little girl talking to her mom about seeing Jesus in the Eucharist! Several parents told us how their families gained a lot from the Children's Program. The Holy Spirit is so good!

May God continue to work through us, His instruments, as we fulfill His request to "let the children come to Him."

AFC Gets a New Stove for a Bargain Price

The AFC recently purchased a Vulcan range for the Vianney Center kitchen for a quarter of the $4,000 retail price. Catholic Corps Life Member Tim Croes reports that “I had written to Vulcan to ask if they would donate a new stove. Their rep said they couldn’t do an outright donation but, if we could come up with $1,000, they would build us the range and ship it to us.” The new appliance arrived June 19. We invite any benefactor who would like to cover all or part of the $1,000 cost to contact for further information on making a tax-deductible donation.

FREE Download: Awesome Talk on the Power of the Sacred Heart:

As a ‘Thank you’, we are offering you a free MP3 download of Edmund Mitchell’s compelling testimony about his reversion to the Catholic faith and the need of each of us to be radically dependent on God’s Will for our life! 

Click here to watch the video or download the audio

Membership: New Commitments

Since our last newsletter, one couple made a Disciple Membership commitment in the AFC and another couple made their 2nd Degree commitment! Also, during the 2nd Holy Family Fest, two couples celebrated their Life Commitments. We rejoice to see the people Our Lord is calling to commit themselves not only to this Family Consecration spirituality, but also to the apostolic outreach and prayer life of the AFC through their membership. 

Product of the Month: Parenting Today

Join hosts Miki Hill (mother of nine), Mary Hasson (mother of seven), and special guest, for six of the 12 episodes, clinical psychologist and popular radio host, Dr. Ray Guarendi (father of 10), as they explore day to day spiritual and practical challenges of parenting in the 21st century and how to navigate them with a commitment to Christ and family.
With plain language, humor and wisdom born of experience, these veteran parents tackle issues from a Catholic perspective assuring moms and dads that the Church is with them in their struggles to raise their families. 

How do parents raise up virtuous, moral children and not just civilized children? To raise moral, virtuous children parents must place their sights on the right goal.

Click here to see a video excerpt or purchase this insightful 12-part series 

DVD set is $22.95 and CD’s $14.95.

A Reflection from One of Our Founders: 

“[Conversion] is going to require great sacrifice. It's going to require reprioritizing our lives. But it's not something that is going to be devastating to us. It is going to be the best thing that ever happened to us. Because what we're asking you to be is saints. We're asking you to be holy. And when you're holy, you're happy in this life and in the next. So we're not asking you to miserable, we're asking you to be happy.”

-Gwen Coniker, Founder with Jerry of the Apostolate for Family Consecration 

Thank you again for your love and support of the AFC! 

I leave you with the words of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as he repeats the call of Christ to build the kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven: 

“We must have the courage to create islands, oases, and then great stretches of land of Catholic culture where the Creator's design is lived out."

~ Pope Benedict XVI 4-6-2006 

On behalf of the staff here at Catholic Familyland and United in the Holy Family,

Alan Zimmerer, President 


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