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October 2013

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A blessed month of the Most Holy Rosary to you and your family! 

Our new Pope is waking us all up to the reality of our present situation in society. As I mentioned in a previous letter, referencing the book Evangelical Catholicism, we must evangelize very differently than we have in the past. Pope Francis is saying to not only evangelize more personally, but more importantly, more mercifully. 

The promotion of Divine Mercy includes our mercy towards others. People are very wounded from other's sins as well as their own. Fear is forcing many to live with such a sense of unworthiness that personal relationships fail to flourish. I believe the Pope is showing us how to be vulnerable and open to each person we meet.

We need to learn from Pope Francis. Each of us must show a true desire to get to know our family members and those people God places in our lives. God has put them there for our own sanctification. We must be merciful and not overlook them.

The Pilgrims arrived at Santiago on October 13th, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima!
Praise the Lord! Catholic Corps members Adrianna Sarlo and Maggie Zbiegan completed the Camino. Their journey of prayer, penance and praise is a grace for the whole AFC family. On First Saturday, October 5th, they wrote: 

“As we approached Cruz de Ferro, we were filled with joy and almost wanted to run toward it. We carried with us rocks from home which symbolized all that we wanted to let go of and leave behind at the foot of the Cross. We also carried a large stone symbolizing all of the intentions of AFC Members & friends world-wide and any burdens or things they may need or want to lay at the foot of the Cross, we were happy to carry it on behalf of all of you! We spent 90mins there at the Cross praying and reflecting. We left our rocks behind and pressed on for the remainder of the day feeling free and so joy-filled!”

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3 New Members of the Year Round Alumni Corps
The Year Round Alumni Corps are young adults who commit themselves for a period of time to the work of the Apostolate for Family Consecration. We rejoice and thank God for such

dedication and self gift. Their generosity is a testimony to the love of their family and the desire of the Holy Family to strengthen all families. We welcome Patricia Basil from Arnold, Maryland, Sarah Whittaker from Grove City, Pennsylvania, and Sam Ritchie from Brecksville, Ohio. 

St Joseph WorkFest October 11th-13th a Success!

St. Joseph blessed us with 23 hard workers. Tim Croes and Bob Turk, aided by Greg Caspers and Jim Barnes, directed the massive clean-up of Catholic Familyland. 

They removed 17 damaged trees and 24 stumps, made 6 loads of mulch, dug up 18 trees for replanting, fabricated 720’ of aluminum fascia, prepped and painted walls, burned old desks and room dividers to separate out scrap steel and aluminum, and finished a few more tasks. One of the Dads even did a 1/2 day staff training on using MS Excel. It was wonderful to see these generous workfesters dedicating a weekend in the service of God and families to help maintain and beautify Familyland. 

Sink & Faucet Replacement at Vianney Center



On October 1st, Bob McIlroy came down from Munson, Ohio with his son Ben and employee Scott Rasey. They helped us out tremendously by donating and replacing over 22 faucets, 7 sinks, stop valves, supply tubes and drains! Working with Tim Croes and Bob Turk, they put in a long day and are planning a return trip to tackle the rest.

Please join us in praying an extra prayer for Bob McIlroy and all the families who are working to improve the facilities at Catholic Familyland. 

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Familyland Television Network discontinued
In response to new trends in viewing and technology, the Apostolate for Family Consecration will be adopting new methods and strategies for distributing its video content to its world-wide audience and will discontinue Familyland Television Network and Not only are these new methods more in line with recent content viewing trends, they are also more cost effective with great potential to reach more families.

In addition, the AFC will be shifting its media focus back to its core competency of “Family Faith Formation” and away from general family entertainment. To this end, our website will undergo a complete redesign and will provide full searchable access to our entire Family Consecration Multimedia Library. 

We wish to thank all those who have made FLTV possible for the past 14 years, from our Founder, Jerry Coniker, and his vision for it, to AFC Disciple Life Member, Jim Kocisko, who poured so much of himself into building the hardware and software for broadcasting, to our faithful viewers, supporters, and programmers. We ask for your continued prayers and support as we move into a new phase of using technology at the service of families for the glory of God.

You can view many AFC-produced programs by visiting:

FREE Phenomenal MP3 Download: ‘Conceived in Rape’ by Rebecca Keissling
Rebecca Keissling pours out her heart and story about life as a child conceived in rape. She challenges us to share our faith with everyone as she recounts how personally sharing her story with Governor Rick Perry changed his life forever and moved him to become 100% Pro-life, no exceptions! A must listen!

Click here to get the mp3 audio file

Product of the Month: Consecration Resources for your November 11th start date
Join the AFC family on November 11th by going deeper in your union with God through the powerful means of Consecration to Jesus, through Mary, in union with St Joseph. Click here to check out our free online resources page for this 40-day spiritual journey. (You can also purchase resources through this link)

Reflections from Our Founders: 

Love is something that grows with each day. Through joys and sorrows, through successes and failures, ups and downs. But you learn to perfect these experiences with each other.   -Gwen Coniker

We can’t live the way we’re living...go home and water the lawn and go to the movies and just take care of ourselves. We have to think of others. In fact, the encyclical letter of Pope Benedict (Deus Caritas Est), it’s a beautiful encyclical, states: “Anyone who needs me and whom I can help is my neighbor. The concept of neighbor is now universalized...” because of modern times. -Jerry Coniker

I conclude with a powerful quote from St. Maximilian Kolbe which summons us to fully live out this powerful consecration to Jesus, through Mary, in union with St Joseph: 

“The Immaculata’s hands pour upon us a copious rain of graces. Souls dedicated to the Immaculata occupy the highest places in heaven, or the lowest in hell if they are unfaithful. There is no middle way.”

.Thank you again for your prayers & support!

On behalf of the staff here at Catholic Familyland and United in the Holy Family,

Alan Zimmerer, President 


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