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Be Not Afraid Family Hours®

81 weekly programs on video tape for your parish church (more in production)

Mother Teresa’s idea for…

*Ending Abortion 

*Healing and Uniting Families 

*Defending Life 

*Revitalizing Parish Community Life

**Focusing on Confession, our Eucharistic Lord, Mary, and the Papacy**


Family Hour Video Teachers

Family Hour Video Teachers, Faculty, & Supporters

His Holiness Pope John Paul II

Bishop Ramon Arquelles

Cardinal Lopez Trujillo

Bishop Thomas Daily

Francis Cardinal Arinze

Bishop John Magee

Cardinal Francis Stafford

Bishop Gilbert Sheldon

Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua

Father Pablo Straub

Mario Luigi Ciappi

Father Thomas Forrest

Edouard Cardinal Gagnon

Father George Kosicki

Pio Cardinal Laghi

Father Frank Pavone

Adam Cardinal Maida

Father Patrick Peyton

John Cardinal O’Connor

Father Michael Scanlan

Jose Cardinal Sanchez Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Jaime Cardinal Sin Sister Gratia of Poland
Edmund Cardinal Szoka Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Jozef Cardinal Tomko Archbishop Agostiono Cacciavialln
Archbishop John Foley

Archbishop Schonborn, O.P.

Archbishop Giovanni Cheli Bishop Juan Torres
Bishop Peter Van Lierde Bishop Thomas Welsh
Msgr. Peter Elliott Msgr. Roger Foys
Msgr. John McCarthy Msgr. Josefino Ramirez

Msgr. John Woolsey

Fr. John Bertolucci

Fr. Roger Charest, S.M.M.

Fr. Arthur B. Calkins

Fr. Harold Cohen, S.J. Fr. Robert Dempsey

Fr. Richard Drabik, M.I.C.

Fr. Gregory Finn, O.S.J.

Fr. Bernard Geiger, O.F.M., Conv. Fr. John H. Hampsch
Fr. Brian Harrison, S.T.L.

Fr. M. Albert Krapiec, O.P.

Fr. S. Michalenko, M.I.C.

Fr. Bruce Nieli, C.S.P.

Fr. Randall Paine

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

Mother Immaculata, H.M.C. Dr. Burns Seeley
Jerry and Gwen Coniker Dr. Scott Hahn


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