What are people saying about the Family Hours?
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....from pastors

“Many people were inspired by the balanced, yet challenging content and presentation of the Family Hours, and many people approached priests at the end of each night to seek counsel and forgiveness.”  (Fr. Byerley told AFC that he had a filled church every evening.  They had to bring in extra chairs and ask the police to help with traffic after the program.)

 -Fr. Tim Byerley, St. Jude’s Church, NJ

 “The use of video allows great spiritual personages in the Church, Starting with the Holy Father himself, to speak to the people assembled, and it also largely solves the problem of properly meditation on the mysteries of the rosary while reciting the Hail Marys.”

 -Fr. Vernon J. Schaefer, Holy Redeemer Church, MN

 “The highlights were the short sessions with Mother Teresa along with the video tapes of Pope John Paul II.  The other aspect of the program was that it was entirely organized and operated by lay people in the parish who were faithful each evening to their assignments.  It was so good to see them working together.”

-Fr. Charles Borho, St. Cecilia Church, OR

 “The Family Hours proved to be nine grace-filled nights.  The mercy of God shone brightly, as was evident by the many confessions heard each night.  This was definitely a time of conversion for many, many troubled souls.  I would highly recommend the Be Not Afraid Family Hours to any church or organization wishing to sponsor this worthwhile spiritual endeavor.”

-Fr. Francis Mulvanity, St. Paul Church, OH

During a Pilgrimage to Rome, November 1996

     The Apostolate's founders, Jerry and Gwen Coniker, and chaplain, Fr. Kevin Barrett, had three encounters with the Prefect and staff of the office of the Sacred Congregation for Sacraments and Divine Worship.  The Prefect, Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez, enthusiastically joined the Apostolate’s Advisory Council and lent his full support to showing Be Not Afraid Family Hours on video in the Eucharistic Presence of Our Lord in parish churches throughout the world.

     The Cardinal encouraged perpetual adoration and frequent confession, and endorsed all of The Apostolate’s programs and its work and mission.  In fact, His Eminence sent Father Antonio Less, S.J., the department head of the Congregation, to the Family Apostolate’s temporary television studio in Rome to do an extensive television program on all of the points mentioned above and on family consecration. 

…from participants

“The blessings given to the AFC by our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, members of the Curia, the great majority of American bishops, and so many other outstanding leaders is, indeed, a reflection of Our Lady’s approval.” 

- N.M. Camardese, M.D., President, Americanism Foundation

 “The weekly Be Not Afraid Family Hours are wonderful.  Now we can all adore Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and in the Truth of the Church’s teachings.  As parents we feel so much better equipped to foster a love of the Truth in our young children.  Our own Faith as been strengthened.”  

-Mark & Julie Stenske & family

 “Seeing Pope John Paul II’s conviction encouraged me to defend my faith with vigor.  `Be Not Afraid’ the theme to the holy hours, reminded me that God is with us always.” 

-M. Geary, OH

“I watched your Be Not Afraid Family Hours, they were very interesting.  You taught me  a lot that I had forgotten.  I’ve been away from the church for forty-eight years.  Now I am back with our God.”  

-L. Olson, IL

 “I think the Family Hours are one of the best programs I have ever been to in the church.  It was very well prepared and organized.  The talks that Msgr. Magee gave were the most inspirational talks I have ever heard.” 

-Parishioner from St. Ignatius Parish, MN

 “I felt spiritually lifted.  It s a means whereby families praying together can foster the spirituality of Pope John Paul II.”

-Tony Weza, Past State Deputy, KoC 

“Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn the deep love of our beloved Holy Father for the Blessed Mother and to increase our love, confidence and devotion to her.  The rosary meditations were very powerful.”

-A.  Plantz, CA

 “I believe best of all for the children were the rosary mediations.  The pictures made the actualities of the mysteries so immediate.  At times, I would steal a glance at them and their eyes were as big as saucers.” 

-Mother from Sacred Heart Parish, TX


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